Fields of intervention

Tailor-made training

Our in-company ‘Creativity and Innovation’ Workshops and Training courses give your teams the tools and skills they need to rise to the challenges and seize the opportunities!

Fields of intervention

Tailor-made training

Our in-company ‘Creativity and Innovation’ Workshops and Training courses give your teams the tools and skills they need to rise to the challenges and seize the opportunities!

Challenges and opportunities

Challenges faced by the teams

Teams often face challenges in their innovation initiatives, whether to develop new competitive products or services, or to meet specific customer demands:

  • Resistance to change.
  • Difficulties in communication and collaboration between stakeholders.
  • Lack of support from management.
  • Lack of method, structure and efficiency in initiatives.
  • Lack of time, as teams are often caught up in the day-to-day running of the business and the urgency of other tasks.

Creating a climate of trust

By creating a climate of trust and cooperation, your teams can transform these obstacles into opportunities for growth.

  • Is a problem blocking your project?
  • Are you not completely satisfied with the existing solutions?
  • Are you looking for more ideas to develop innovative, differentiating and original solutions?
  • Or quite simply: a customer is asking you to develop your services/products by improving quality, profitability and differentiation?


  1. Stimulating creativity: Our creativity workshops encourage innovative thinking and the generation of original ideas. We support and facilitate your teams to make the most of brainstorming techniques, stimulate group creativity and find innovative solutions.
  2. Innovation management By co-constructing a tailor-made workshop with you and facilitating each sequence, we enable your teams to communicate better and collaborate more effectively.
  3. Optimising time and resources: Innovation coaching provides personalised support to maximise the efficiency of the group and innovation processes. By benefiting from the expertise of an experienced coach, your teams can avoid common mistakes, overcome obstacles more quickly and save valuable time in carrying out their innovation projects. This enables them to focus on the most promising initiatives, make faster progress and differentiate themselves through the quality of their services and products.

Ready to reenchant your approach to business innovation?


Our Creativity Workshops are designed for and with you.
Because we’re more inventive when we work together.


We can help you to :

  • Clarify your issues and challenges.
  • Mobilise the winning team with you
  • Unleash your creative potential and the collective intelligence of your teams
  • Quickly select the most relevant solutions


We guide you in discovering the essential levers:

  • Unleashing your unique creative potential
  • Manage your team’s creativity effectively
  • Apply creativity techniques and innovation processes adapted to all styles and sensibilities.
  • Refine your presentations to captivate your audience
  • Establishing an environment of trust that encourages open expression and constructive exchange


Our aim is to enable your staff to integrate the levers of innovation by focusing on the different phases of Design Thinking…

  • Empathy and understanding of user needs
  • Defining challenges to make them inspiring and concrete
  • Ideation, to unleash your creativity in dynamic brainstorming sessions.
  • Prototyping to turn your ideas into prototypes for rapid testing.
  • Testing to understand how to gather valuable feedback, refine and improve your solutions.

…and developing creativity management, to cultivate an environment conducive to the emergence of breakthrough ideas. We guide you through innovation facilitation and coaching, helping you to create the framework of trust needed to unleash the creative potential of your teams.

Contact us now to start your journey towards successful innovation!

Testimony of Jean-François Barrand

Airbus Scale, Startup Engagement

‘Jean-Francois and I have been working together for a number of years. He is a true ‘creative’, able to unleash creativity in others through facilitation and training. He brings lateral and creative thinking to his designs and workshops. ‘

Concrete results

An effective methodology that significantly enhances continuous innovation and the participation of your teams, from the creation of the working group to the production of ideas:

  • Capitalisation and alignment on key issues
  • A dynamic exchange and bounce-back between ideas thanks to innovation coaching
  • Rapid, aligned decision-making following the divergence phase
  • The drafting of short, medium and long-term solution sheets to capitalise on and commit the group to the next steps.

Better communication to work together

Better communication to work together

Let us change the way you manage your teams and their projects by introducing a more unique and less conventional form of communication to achieve more sustainable results that are recognised by all.