Business coaching

Let the human be first in your team!

My coaching sessions help you find your own solutions beyond the limited and known frame. By taking the time to explore your inner thinking, get in touch with your capacities, values and belief, transforming yourself become possible, as well as finding new ways to link with your environment.

I am using a full range of well experienced techniques and methodology, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), systemic constellation, transactional analysis, creative approach, to help you reconnect with your inner energy and motivation.

Human management by a human specialist 

After 17 years of combined experience in life skills coaching and communication, including 10 years of multicultural training and teambuilding for foreign companies, Jean-François is leading 1 to 1 coaching session and collective workshops to :

  • Support you in your professional career (taking up your new job, dealing with a new team, facing new challenges…)
  • Provide meaning to your personal and professional life
  • Improve and link your talents
  • Puting crisis situation at work into perspective
  • Reconnect to your creativity and strong points
  • Leading and developping your projects with confidence

Why use coaching ?

Adapting and changing capacities are at the core of human evolution. According to the International Coaching Federation, « Companies that use or have used professional coaching for business reasons have a median return on investment of seven times their initial investment ». These companies learned how to mobilize their team, boost talents and adapt to contemporary challenges.

As individuals, we all need to understand the meaning of our actions and launch ourselves into the future. This vision is essential to build our motivation. Men and woman who keep a global vision of their actions bloom in their work and generate better results.

Coaching sessions are taking place in a safe and confidential  environment, so you may feel free to express and question yourself in full confidence. We take the time to meet, to define your professional goals and co-create a strategic guidance. Coaching is completed through defined sessions (usually from 5 to 10) to help you explore your challenges in their evolution and get in touch with your talents and creativity.


Jean-François is a trained life-skills coach certified by International Mozaik Paris and certified PNL practionner with IFPNL. He is also a member of ICF (International Coaching Federation). His coaching sessions are in accordance with ICF code of ethics. He has coached and facilitated several workshops for managers and multicultural teams, helping them to conduct their projects. He used to work for the insurance group Rothschild as contract advisor for 5 years.

I focus on your needs. I will help you reach your professional goals by reconnecting yourself with your inner talents.