Jean-François Martin

Coach - Trainer - Facilitator

Jean-François Martin is a professional coach, trainer, facilitator for both business and individuals. His workshops focus on innovation and conflict management, as well as collective intelligence, among other topics. Based in France since 2012, before 6 years spent in Vietnam, his professional experience was strengthened through 20 years of work in clowning.

Why implementing your own practice with the « clown posture » ? To re-enchant, re-invent our projects, bring JOY and life to our jobs and challenges.

Trained in coaching with International Mozaik, Paris, and holding a Master degree in business coaching and life skills (Assas University), he is also NLP practitioner (IFPNL) and has been an active member of the governance circle 2016-2017 at ICF Occitanie (International Coach Federation)

Since 2022, Jean-François is also a member of the

Coachline collective, bringing together a real network of experts, coaches, gathering today more than 200 people around the world.