My job is to bring out the collective energy, commitment and creative potential of your teams.

My job is to bring out the collective energy, commitment and creative potential of your teams.

I create out-of-the-ordinary situations and favour an experiential approach to support to enable your teams to go beyond their territories and recreate the link.

An atypical approach to supporting teams …

Your projects, the cohesion of your teams and the well-being of your employees deserve a different approach, centred on joy, difference and meaning.

Jean-François Martin


Our areas of expertise …

Coaching, Training, Facilitating, Leading

Our aim is to help you harness your collective intelligence to surprise your customers with the quality of your products and services.



Rediscover your energy by reconnecting with your professional goals, your motivation, your values and your commitments.


Discover our workshops and tailor-made support

  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Managerial and relational excellence
  • Growth Mindset
  • Awareness of self and others


Strengthen cooperation and integration, manage conflict and cultivate excellence in interpersonal relations with our tailor-made coaching services.

Large group events

Boost engagement and turn your events into memorable learning experiences for everyone.

Join me on the journey to unleash your team’s full potential.

Transform your management and achieve your objectives with atypical support.

They trust us to lead their teams

Our customer references

Yannick Marin Isambert
Head of Innovation
Airbus Corporate Innovation

“Jean-François’ ability to involve and entertain a very wide audience is remarkable…

Bente Sternberg
Founder at Shift

“Jean François brings magic to his coaching, to his world, to his clients…

Jean-François Barrand
Airbus Scale
Startup Engagement

“Jean-Francois is a genuine ‘creativator’, able to unleash creativity in others through facilitation and training…

Better communication to work together

Better communication to work together

Let us change the way you manage your teams and their projects by introducing a more unique and less conventional form of communication to achieve more sustainable results that are recognised by all.