Life Art

Weekly facilitations at the Black Box !

Location: The Black Box, 56 Nguyen Khuyen St, Hanoi


Jean-François has been working and training in Life Art in 2011 in the frame of the Weekly Art-based Facilitator Workshop set in the Black Box, Hanoi Vietnam. In a year, more than 40 experimental based, educational, life and communication skills workshops have been shared, engaging a rich network of national as well as international specialists in Education, Psychology and Development.

The weekly workshops hosted at the Black Box allowed a working group of facilitators and practitioners using various expressive medium such as drama, dance, painting, music,
movements, puppets..etc.. to facilitate, develop, experiment and share new approaches with other facilitators. Renewing our experiences and offering us a perfect stage to test and feedback new approaches, the “lab” kept us fresh and insightful when facilitating other individuals.