Creativity, Innovation and collective intelligence trainings

Get empowered! In challenging situations, acquire knowledge, new attitudes and skill


During the years I spent in France and Vietnam, I had the chance  to meet a great diversity of experts, trainees and colleagues who gave me the occasion to refine and improve my trainings and facilitations. 


Clown Posture Training

The "Clown Posture" applied to individual and collective coaching is to us an essential key to bring back life and joy to the very core of our professional practice.  Supporting change with empathy, keeping our emotions and authenticity close, is more crucial than ever. For today's corporate world is increasingly led by procedures and control, we believe human beeings must come back in the game and regain its rightful place in our business life.

Humans should in all circumstances invest business process and not the contrary. And if not, clowns will always have their word to point out with natural goodness and humor this non-sense.

Should you require further information, do not hesitate to read our trainees feedbacks, or even for French speakers check the pitch I recorded in the frame of "La Fabrique du Changement" event.


Creativity and Innovation training

Innovation today has become a vital issue in business life, should you want to avoid price war. Swatch shining example should be by itself sufficent to be convinced about it, when swiss luxury watchmaking was nearly dying due to japanese firm unfair competition.

Which architect or business developper would have bet on flashy plastic made watches to  re-enter the game ? Which sponsor, enlightened manager would have supported such disruptive innovation ? Swatch group did and saved the company for years, before being copied and duplicated again.

So let's say YES to our creative and innovative minds ! In my trainings, I focus today on innovators pilot groups, amoung Airbus, Safran and others, to reconnect them with they individual and collective creativity, get acquainted with the creativity tool box, to lead tomorrow powerful innovation path based on fun, pleasure and love.


Collective intelligence and project management facilitation

In the teams I had the chance to coach, I noticed that kind understanding and sharing was never given what ever the size of the group was, big or small.

For innovative minds will always face the ones who prefer to keep the present system safe. The idea is not to oppose them against each other, but to combine their strength with collective intelligence. For creativity finds its strength in structure. Dear paradox!

Collective Intelligence helps us see the big picture and let go its self-interest, remove silos to favor authentic and respectful communication. Empathy, free expression of our emotions and fragile part is the key, in a respectful agreed frame.  I am convinced the most visionary and engaging projects were born from this fragile human part.

I am coaching today groups thanks to a wide range of communication tools and creative postures: clown, forum theatre, neurolinguistic programming, (NLP), transactional analysis,  non violent communication, paradox approach (Paul Watzlawick)...


Why game and clown  are your best teachers?

We believe traditional "information-based" approaches are generally not sufficient to yield changes in attitudes and behaviors. Learning and development are achieved through personally determined experience and involvement, as growing a person from the inside, whereas conventional teaching and training is the transfer of capability into a person from the outside.

Experiential learning is the key. knowing the rules is useless if you haven't felt why they should exist for you. Only at this stage can they become a true living part of ourselves.


Each session will be custom designed to your needs and timing, consist of games and activities that will be debriefed as a group by the facilitator (and on your specific stakes and challenges). it is crucial to me to tailors the workshop to your needs and objectives, take the time to meet you, understand the professional context and history of your group before facilitating.


Our training are tailored with you, contact us for a personalised study of your seminar !